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Born and raised in Tokyo, Emyli is a Japanese bilingual singer, songwriter and vocal director based in Tokyo.


While attending an American school in Japan, Emyli debuted as an artist with "Rain" at age 15. She has since collaborated with m-flo, SHINHWA, Taku Takahashi, BACK-ON, etc. Emyli was one of the main guest vocalists for the "loves series" of m-flo; she has been on several tours with them and has performed at the Budokan, Yoyogi Stadium and Yokohama Arena as their "loves" artist.


In addition to her artist career, Emyli has also made a name for herself as a songwriter. After graduating from Sophia University in Tokyo, she has written for J-Pop stars such as Namie Amuro, May J., E-Girls and Mai Kuraki, as well as Korean talents such as KARA, 2PM, 2AM, Taeyang (BIG BANG), Melody Day, etc. 


Emyli also works as a vocal director for Japanese superstar, Namie Amuro. 


Emyli continues to write with songwriters from all over the world, traveling back and forth to LA, London, Stockholm and Korea.








以来、ソロ活動と共に、m-flo、SHINHWA、Taku Takahashi、BACK-ON 等とコラボをする。m-flo の "loves" シリーズにゲスト・ボーカリストとして参加し、武道館、代々木体育館、横浜アリーナを含むツアーにも参加。


アーティスト活動の上に、作詞・作曲家としても実績を作り上げてきた Emyli。上智大学卒業後、安室奈美恵、May J.、E-Girls、倉木麻衣や、K-Pop の KARA、2PM、2AM、SOL (BIG BANG)、Melody Day 等に楽曲を提供し始める。


Emyli は安室奈美恵のボーカル・ディレクターとしても活動している。


現在、Emyli は ロサンゼルス、ロンドン、ストックホルム、韓国等に飛び回って作曲に専念している。



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